The First Salary Deduction Payment Provider in Malaysia

Exclusively for Merchant

with customers in Public Sector


IDPay helps you make direct salary deduction at source to pay merchant in instalments.


Secure payment direct from the source that benefits both the merchant as well as the customer.


We are authorised to make deduction for government servants.

How much do we charge?


( Collection Fee )

3 %

( Processing Fee )
  • IDPay charges 3% for processing fees and 2% on each instalment amount.

How It Works

Merchants register with IDPAY and upload all the relevant documents. Wait for Eligibility Check from IDPAY. Merchants are required to topup the account as the credits will be used to pay for the processing fees.

Once eligible , merchants can submit an instalment package to their customers and upload all the necessary details in IDPay. Merchants are required to do all the due diligence of their customers.

Once the customers is deemed eligible, IDPay will require customers via merchant to complete and send hardcopy documents to IDPay. IDPay will conduct another eligibility check based on the submitted documents.

IDPay will change the status to “Ready for Salary Deduction” once all documents are completed. Merchants are required to approve the instalment and deliver the items to Customers and the instalment payments will start. Merchants will be able to claim payments via their dashboard.

Sell Items in Instalments.
Get more customers.

About Us

IDPAY is a service platform by IDSB Digital Sdn Bhd that allows merchants to offer another type of payment to the customers via salary deduction. IDSB Digital is a subsidiary of I. Destinasi Sdn Bhd (IDSB), which is a licensed and approved entity by the Accountant General (AG) to make salary deduction (at source) for Government Servants. IDSB also holds Angkasa Code for salary deduction to non-AG government servants via its subsidiary entity.

IDPay reduces exposure to the merchant compared to the traditional method where merchants usually wait for payments from the customer themselves. With this more secure method, it allows merchants peace of mind and drive the merchants to give more sensible offers to their customers.

For customers, no more worries about not meeting credit card payments. You can shop freely without even getting out your wallets! IDPay offers salary deduction in instalments to pay for the things you need, with no interest on lay payments.

RM 944.90
Processed Amount

Registered Merchants